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What Is This All About

Hi, my name is Brian, and I believe in working smart… not hard! Because hard work sucks.

Sometimes, hard work is necessary to achieve the goals we have in life. But, working hard doesn’t always guarantee success. If you want to succeed and to reach your goals, you need to WORK SMART.

I’ve been a small business owner and entrepreneur since 1995. I’m a licensed contractor, small business owner, restaurant owner, entrepreneur and marketing expert.

I have been doing my own marketing and lead generation using digital marketing strategies for the last several years for my own businesses. I teach entrepreneurs and digital marketing agencies how to get more customers, grow their business and make money online.

Everything I teach comes from years of experience and only the strategies that have been proven to work.

My YouTube channel and this blog are dedicated to testing, experimenting and discovering the marketing tactics and strategies that work.

If you’re interested in SMMA, digital marketing, affiliate marketing or local lead generation, then you’re in the right place.